Investments in Qoovee
A great game for great people
About Qoovee is an international online business platform including number of different services:

Launching soon:
  • Qoovee Travel - service of booking airline tickets, hotels and business trips
  • Qoovee Academy - platform of practical courses in different areas of education

What is Qoovee
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The main idea of Qoovee: Your business is in your pocket. All that is necessary for business is on one platform: sales, purchases, logistics, business protection, financing and guarantees, travel, partner search, education and more.

Mission: Bringing business and countries together

Philosophy: Win. Win. Win. Winnings and benefits for all parties on the platform. As Qoovee grow the Business, Government and Society win.

Start date of the project: May 12, 2016.

Qoovee in numbers
these indicators are achieved without large investments in marketing and advertising
> 20 000
Suppliers on the platform
> 50 countries
Countries where our visitors are from
100 000
wholesale buyers and customers of business services per month
> 50 000 000 $
the amount of orders through the platform for the last year
What Qoovee has at this moment
Main achievements in 2.5 years of development
Hundreds of thousands of customers from over 50 countries that represent the business sector
Proven and high demand for Qoovee services
Brand history and high business reputation
Team, experience, scaling skills and knowledge of the international market
Turnover (sales)
High level support from government entities of different countries
Dozens of positive articles and materials about Qoovee in the media and on government websites of different countries have been published
Qoovee has contracts, agreements and memoranda with government entities and business communities of different countries
Beginning cooperation with worldwide known brands
The analysis is collected on the basis of tests of different business models and promotion systems
Global Online Expo
Qoovee is the founder, owner and main organizer of the Worldwide Online Exhibition -
the Global Online Expo

At the Global Online Expo from 2nd april to 9th july we expect:
21 M
100 000

Dear partners!

We are developing a truly global, large-scale project to build a bridge between countries and markets. We build the Great Online Silk Road!

Two years ago, some people told me that Qoovee had no chance ...
And today we are already negotiating with the world business giants, signing big contracts and discussing with top banks and partners the best solutions to protect transactions of our clients from more than 50 countries.

I and our team are grateful to all partners and clients for the trust and support of this global idea. I am sure that the partners who join us now will reap not only financial benefits, but will also great feeling that they make a great contribution to the development of mankind.

For our part, we are ready to do everything possible and impossible so the project will continue to achieve great results and contribute to the whole world.

Turat Bulembaev
Qoovee Founder
Plans of Qoovee
for the coming years
200 000
active companies on the platform until the end of 2019
1 000 000
visitors per month by the spring of 2019
5 - 10 times
growth of company's value within 3 years
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About the Investment round in Qoovee
Investments are being attracted to the head company and to subsidiary projects of Qoovee
The minimum amount of investment from one person is 1 000 000 $
Maximum number of participants (investors) 10 people
This round of investments has a time limit. If suitable candidates invest all the necessary amount, the round will be considered closed ahead of schedule.
Required criteria for investors
High moral and ethical qualities
Contribution to the growth of the company, not only by financing
Investors with extensive network/ client bases on the international arena are in priority
Experience, wide knowledge and understanding of the specifics in the main areas of the project
Investments in Qoovee
A great game for great people
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